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What is Facebook Pixel ? | Benefits of Facebook pixels

Hello, my dear friends, we always see that we get to see many ads on Facebook and you must have also noticed. that we go to any online shopping website like Flipkart, amazon snapdeal, etc search about the products or save it in cart. even if we buy it or not buy it but still see an ad on the social media site platform ad for that product is seen on the social media platform. then the thought comes to our mind that how does the social media site or online shopping sites know that we have searched products on their site or save it on the cart and friends all this is possible with the help of Facebook pixel, yes friends Facebook pixel which is very advanced and useful which we will understand in detail that what is a Facebook pixel is with the example we know in detail how it works so friends like you have and you have put a link on social media it has run a paid ad on social media which come to your website in different ways and if you bring traffic to your website from Facebook ad so you have to help of Facebook ad manager and we have to show one to those people who have visited our website in last several days have to show ads.

when we run the ad who do we want to show the ad or decide we select the selection with the ad audience and how to show us one of those people because many have visited our website in the last several days they have to get into our Facebook ad account and in a way we have to link the website with the ad add the account on Facebook this is how the connection is made with the help of Facebook pixel.

 What is a Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel is a type of analytical tool or tracking code that helps you to bring good traffic to your website Facebook pixel monitor all the users who visit your website and sends their information to the Facebook ad manager and the way the user coming to your website is different which is a Facebook pixel track so that you can show the Facebook ad to only those user who has visited your website before and know about your products should be aware of the right quality of your products.

How to work Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel work

you have to install Facebook pixel code on your website and after installing it on your website whatever user comes to your website and take action this question keep giving information about all this to the ads manager and if there is no Facebook pixel you cannot get the full information of whatever happens on your website in Facebook ads to account if you want these users who came to your website then you have to give their information to ads manager.

In this way to do advanced marketing you will find the Facebook pixel very useful and in this way you can also do marketing pixel is all of your websites on which you should install because Facebook pixels work on pages and you can put the different pixels on different pages.

for example, if you have 4 pages on your website and you have applied the Facebook pixel code on only three pages then in this case only the information of three pages will be received by the Facebook ads manager and the page on which the code has not applied the page of that page the information will not be received by the ad manager.

Benefits of Facebook pixels 

with the help of Facebook pixel, you can track your audience and increase creativity and show the ads to your website visitor and make the marketing strategy and create revenue for the future and gain insight from their online habits.

Author: Mukesh Rathore

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