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Twitter Reveals Nominations for ‘Best of Tweets’ Ad Campaign Awards for 2021

Have you run any inclusive campaigns on Twitter in 2021?

If you have, then you could be up for the honor, with Twitter once again taking its ‘Best of Tweets’ contest to establish the best brand tweets of the year.

As described by Twitter:

Twitter’s Most excellent Of Tweets is our hall of fame, our GOAT, our crowning accomplishment for the brands that creatively leveraged Twitter this year to begin something new or to relate to what’s appearing as no one else could. And we want to understand from you, does your brand justify being crowned a winner?

The prizes will look to honor the best tweet campaigns on a scale of sections, with last year’s event seeing campaigns from Gatorade, Uber, Ben & Jerry’s, and more.

There’s no physical prize, as such, but you do get the extra recognition, and advertisement as part of the event.

a few orders, and then explain as to why it should be established as one of the best. This can be more difficult than it seems, but by studying at the awards from last year, you can possibly get some idea as to what Twitter’s award authorities are seeking, in terms of influence, reach, etc.
Twitter’s been operating its annual campaign awards since 2016 when it assigned each element into its specific category.

Best of Tweets

That could provide you some more idea as to the sorts of campaigns that Twitter’s seeming to highlight, though the division of 2020 did force a revolution in approach, and it’s not 100% clear how Twitter will decide the winners this time around.

Still, if you have a campaign that follows with these elements, it could be deserving nominating, even if just to add a ‘Champ – Best Twitter Campaigns 2020’ note to your website.

Brands can nominate their campaigns here, with nominations closing on October 12th.

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