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Facebook Tests New Option to Facilitate Post Sharing to Multiple Groups at Once

It’s impressive that at a time when Facebook is being involved in supporting its growth over the public good when it’s being watched over how it facilitates the addition of misinformation. It’s exciting that, amid all of this, the program is still experimenting with new options that would enable exactly this type of response.

Now, user @AkramAlodini has shared this image of a new Facebook test which would allow users to share a post into many Facebook groups at once.

Facebook group sharing

As you can notice in this screenshot (shared by Matt Navarra), the new choice would enable Facebook users to crosspost an update into many groups that they’re a part of, which would help more smooth sharing, and ideally, for Facebook at most trivial, get higher people sharing more content into more groups, more often.

But isn’t that the specific action that WhatsApp inquired to limit last year when it achieved new limitations on how many times messages can be re-shared by users?

In January last year, WhatsApp restricted message sharing to five times per message, to begin the flow of misinformation in its app – particularly COVID conspiracy content. WhatsApp later achieved even more rigorous measures on message forwarding, as it sought to limit the ability for misuse of its network.

And WhatsApp says that method has been very useful :

“Since placing into point the new limit, globally, there has been a 70% decrease in the number of highly advanced messages sent on WhatsApp. This change is encouraging to keep WhatsApp a place for individual and individual conversations.”  

So Facebook-owned WhatsApp has confirmed that placing a limit on how many times a message can be delivered, mainly into group chats, can have a big influence on decreasing the spread of misinformation. Yet, it’s now seeing to help that particular functionality on Facebook?

It appears like a dispute, which also follows Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen’s view that the organization will choose to “optimize for its interests, like getting more money” over the public good.

I mean, it’s a smaller example, sure, and there is no doubt some advantage to staying able to share a Facebook post into many groups at once, particularly if you’re highly involved with a particular topic or interest, and active in many communities.

But still, it appears like an additional test, given the WhatsApp example.
Either way, it seems that Facebook is experimenting with it. We’ve asked Facebook for more info on the test and we’ll update this post if/when we hear back.

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