instagram experiments

Instagram Tests Longer Videos in Stories, New Stories-to-Reels Links, as Part of Broader Video Integration

As part of its wider shift towards video content, to maximize user engagement, Instagram is experimenting with two new options that would more integrate its many video functions, following the merger of IGTV into its broader Instagram Video present. First off, Instagram is experimenting with new, longer video uploads in Stories, with videos of up to […]

Facebook Update

Facebook Tests New Option to Facilitate Post Sharing to Multiple Groups at Once

It’s impressive that at a time when Facebook is being involved in supporting its growth over the public good when it’s being watched over how it facilitates the addition of misinformation. It’s exciting that, amid all of this, the program is still experimenting with new options that would enable exactly this type of response. Now, […]

Twitter Awards

Twitter Reveals Nominations for ‘Best of Tweets’ Ad Campaign Awards for 2021

Have you run any inclusive campaigns on Twitter in 2021? If you have, then you could be up for the honor, with Twitter once again taking its ‘Best of Tweets’ contest to establish the best brand tweets of the year. As described by Twitter: Twitter’s Most excellent Of Tweets is our hall of fame, our GOAT, […]

youtube Updates

YouTube Launches Improved Viewer Retention Insights to Help Guide Your Content Approach.

YouTube’s adding more further new metrics to help increase the performance of your YouTube channel, with particular insight into the details of every video that are maximizing viewers’ engagement, via enhanced retention stats. Last year, YouTube combined new audience retention insights for videos, which gives info on where viewers are engaging and falling off in the playback, […]

Youtube shorts

YouTube Expands its $100 Million Shorts Fund to 30 More Countries

After first publishing its ‘Shorts Fund’ back in May, which will see the program payout $100 million to better Shorts creators across time, in order to provide extra support, and motivation, for their works, YouTube has now published an increase of the funding program to Shorts creators in even more countries. As per YouTube Chief […]

Youtube Update

YouTube Publishes New ‘Shorts Report’ to Highlight Important Content Trends and Tips [Infographic]

YouTube has announced its newest Shorts Report, which highlights all the key trends that the platform’s understanding in its TikTok-like short-form video feed – which, according to YouTube, is now producing 6.5 billion daily views. That could make it a worthy addition to your YouTube content strategy, and if you are considering exploring the format, then […]

Social Skills

Facebook Announces Season 2 of its ‘Social Skills’ Business Tips Video Series

After starting the first, six-episode season of its ‘Social Skills’ market insights video series beginning this year, Facebook has now declared another season of the show, which will feature conversations with a series of social media managers following major brands. As you can see in this show, the new season, starting this Wednesday, will highlight […]

google ads Update

Google Ads Update | Google Builds Data-Driven Attribution

Google Builds Data-Driven Attribution the Oversight for All Conversion Actions in Google Ads Get ready to put more trust in computers for your ad targeting. Now, Google has declared that it’s moving data-driven attribution to the default attribution pattern for all new growth efforts in Google Ads, as it moves away from last-click attribution and […]